Canada Now 2020 : %$SYNOPSIS% | Telefilm Canada

This year’s edition of CANADA NOW features another bold and diverse selection of the finest fiction and documentary features coming out of the Great White North, hosted over the summer months on the streaming platform Curzon Home Cinema with a selection of live filmmaker Q&As.

Opening with GUEST OF HONOUR –– the latest offering from veteran filmmaker Atom Egoyan, starring David Thewlis as a troubled restaurant inspector –– the festival remains committed to showcasing bold new works from emerging directors such as Kazik Radwanski, who’s audacious feature ANNE AT 13,000 FT features an electric lead performance from Deragh Campbell, and the stunning social media deception drama WHITE LIE from directorial duo Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas. Yung Chang’s THIS IS NOT A MOVIE is a pertinent portrait of the journalist Robert Fisk, while Louise Archambault’s AND THE BIRDS RAINED DOWN is a beautiful, meditative drama from the bucolic forests of Quebec. We round this year’s programme out with Zacharias Kunuk latest feature ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF NOAH PIUGATTUK –– a quietly riveting tale set in 1961 on the far northern Baffin Island, drawn from the historical reality of the attempted forced relocation and cultural assimilation of Canada’s Inuit Indigenous peoples.